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Narada Nutcracker
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Sunday Morning - 12pm - 6pm

Kara Anderson


Welcome Kara Andera!
She can be heard on KSLT Sundays 12-6pm! She's not a newbie to fact she has several years experience under her belt and is a familiar voice in the Rapid City community. She is married and has a toddler. Her faith drastically deepened when she had to temporarily care for her husband when he fell ill. Recovered and doing well, she recently told her mom she was ready to dive in and work for the Lord. That is when a divine opportunity came her way when she ran into KSLT Program director Jamie. Kara is going to be such a great voice of encouragement for the 5 state area from this point forward! So happy to have Kara on board!


May God Bless you, keep you healthy and well, and provide his devine guidance to keep you doing what is so needed to provide positive motion in this challenging time to each and everyone of you at KSLT. I listen to you every morning! You give me the postive God given guidance I need to go forward in my day. Keep on doing what you do so well. THANK YOU! LOVE YOU ALL BUNCHES AND BUNCHES! - Linda