Breathe by
Jonny Diaz
Jamie and Pastor Tim


Teachers are pretty amazing people and Ice Cream Cafe of Gillette thinks so too!

This is why we want to give teachers K-6 in Gillette a chance to win free ice cream as a treat that will benefit them and their class!

Fill out the form below.  At the end of every month through May 2021 we will choose a winner.  The winning teacher gets a $25 gift card for Ice Cream Cafe and each student of his/her class will also get a free cone.





My husband passed away on October 10 after a 10 month battle with cancer. The first night, my daughter graciously allowed me to sleep in her room. She asked Alexa to play KSLT. We've been listening every night for the past 10 nights. God has used the music to help bring us through the absolute worst time of our lives. My husband was an amazing Christian man, and we rejoice that we will see him again and that he is rejoicing before God. I have chosen to give $365.50 for each day of the coming year. As a first time giver, I want to double my gift to reach $731. Thank you so much for your ministry. - June