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Our ministry mission is to impact people for Christ and equip them to put their faith into action. 

We're doing that with an exciting new ministry element in 2015.  Each month we will highlight a different para-church ministry.  Our aim is to bring awareness of the services that each ministry offers and highlight their mission in serving the community.

We invite you to listen each month for a different ministry opportunity and to join us in praying for their mission to help and serve in our communities.  We also believe that God may draw you to volunteer. Ministry of the Month is a program hosted by KSLT/KLMP & The Point. This feature shares the stories of local ministries that are making a positive impact in our community.

We encourage you to become involved and make a difference through serving and sharing.

Current Ministry of the Month

Cornerstone Rescue Mission

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  • be a recognized 501c3 non-profit Christian Ministry (preferred but not required). 
  • have a statement of faith or charter displayed on the ministry's website. 
  • must be operating for a minimum of 1 year (365 days) prior to being submitted/nominated.
Each organization will go through a screening process by our staff. As the space for features is limited, please note that we cannot guarantee every ministry can be featured, but we encourage you to continue praying for the many ministries that serve the Lord throughout our listening area. 

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The 'My Golden Valentine' project in Pierre was a hit! Thank you for the inspiration.


Yesterday after work my 16 year old daughter and I went to deliver Valentines to the

local 'Golden' residents. As we started on our adventure my daughter said, "I hope this

doesn't take long, I am starving."  I told her that it shouldn't be long and that she would

enjoy herself - helping me was her Valentines gift to me.


Our first stop was Mary House. The nurses we talked to said that we could leave them and

they would hand out the cards sometime this week. I said, "But today is Valentines Day, can

we pass them out?" The nurses said, "Go ahead."


The first 5 rooms we went to, my daughter stood in the doorway with a look of, 'hurry up I am hungry'.

(You know you can't just drop a card off and walk out)

After the first 5 cards were dropped off, Morgan got into the swing of things. She went into the rooms with me.

Visited with the residents and helped hand out the cards. We went to Parkwood for our second stop. They were

just finishing up their Valentines dinner.


We went from table to table handing out cards. Morgan gave a card to an elderly woman sitting at a table with 3 friends.

All four women were widows. One of the gals opened her card and said, "My Valentine has been gone 29 years...I still miss

him" Morgan teared up, but proceeded to hand out the rest of the cards before she turned away crying. We went to The Golden

Living Center, where I handed out cards to a table with '3 handsome men' - all three smiled and appreciated the comment as I

gave them their cards. When we arrived at The Golden Living Center, Morgan took a handful of cards and said that she would

meet me back in the lobby. She was grinning ear to ear when she returned. Her comment was, "Where to next?" Our next stop

was Kellys Retirement - they were just finishing their meal. The residents there were so excited to get surprise Valentines. We had

signed the cards - Your Secret Valentine or Your Secret Admirer. One of the ladies opened her card and asked if the secret admirer

was male of female. I said that I thought it was male. The elderly lady asked what he looked like. I said, " Six foot two, dark, muscular"

then proceeded to keep handing out cards. The same gal piped up, "What color of hair?" I said, "Dark". She grinned. As we were

walking by to leave, the elderly woman said, "I am going to have a good night" I told her not to let her secret admirer keep her up

all night." She said, "I won't" at that one of the Kelly employees commented, "When I go to your room tonight and you aren't there,

I will check the window and follow the walker prints" The elderly woman just smiled. We also had an older gentleman ask if his secret

valentine was blonde. I told him she was if he wanted her to be....he said "Yes."



We delivered Valentines for 3 hours. When we were done delivering at our designated spots we had a few cards left, so Morgan suggest

we take them up to the hospital. We did. We went to the nurses station, asked how many patients were in the hospital and counted out the cards.


One of the nurses hopped up from where she had been sitting and said, "Can I deliver these" We told her that would be great and she

took off down the hallway with a smile.


 Through out our adventures last night people would ask who we were. We often commented that we were with a group that wanted to make

sure that they knew that someone was thinking about them this Valentines Day. We told them that we were with the 'My Golden Valentine'

project that KSLT had. Some knew of you - all were excited to hear that a christian radio station was planning on coming to town. Kelly's

Retirement asked if we would get the dial number to them so that they could tune into your radio station when you open up in Pierre.

My daughter and I had a wonderful time. This project reminded me how much I enjoy visiting with the elderly. I used to volunteer with

the elderly on a regular basis, then kids and life happened.


The most memorable event of the evening though was when we were on our way home and my daughter said, "So, what are we going

to make next? I will help you deliver!"


Something very special happened at lunch...all due to the Golden Valentine project.


I received a phone call at home from a Mrs. Cummings at the high school. She said that she would like to visit with me about last night's

Valentines delivery (at this point my heart was beating pretty fast). I wasn't sure what to expect.


Mrs. Cummings said that her mom called her last night, shortly after receiving a valentine. Her mom was very excited about the unexpected

'gift'. She told her, Mrs. Cummings, that a girl named Morgan gave her a valentine and she thought that she had made Morgan cry....but

she hadn't meant to.


Mrs. Cummings' mom is the lady that told Morgan that her husband had died 29 years ago and that she still missed him.


Now, the amazing thing was, Mrs. Cummings said that as soon as her mom said a girl named Morgan, she knew that it had to be Morgan

Meier (my daughter) - this was a very proud mom moment when I was told that they knew who was volunteering time, just by saying a first name.


Back to the story. Mrs. Cummings told me that the Valentine meant so much to her mother, that her mom called all of her kids (I think she

said there were 5 and they live in different spots in the US) to tell them about her special Valentine and about a teenage girl taking the time

to personally give her a valentine. Mrs. Cummings told me that she wanted to let me know that the simple gesture of a valentine made her

mom's day and her mother appreciated the personal delivery.


I thanked Mrs. Cummings for the phone call and told her that we were happy to volunteer. I let her know that her mom's statement to

Morgan, not only helped Morgan realize how wonderful the gift of love is, but it was a reminder of how blessed we are to love.


This project has turned out to be not only a way to show the elderly that they are not forgotten, but a 'silent hug' from God letting each

of them know that they are loved and not alone.


Valentines Shmalentines?


Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day, is an annual commemoration held every February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. The day is named after one or more early Christian martyrs, Saint Valentine, and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. Modern Valentine's Day symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid.

Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards....for the most part. But in the midwest, there is this Radio station in a city called Rapid City known as the “Star of the West” in South Dakota that takes Valentine giving to a whole new level.

Valentine's Day -for lovers...sure! The way the modern world has commercialized Valentine's Day, really makes no appeal to the single, the ditched, or the widowed. It's a day these particular people would rather shut their blinds, close their curtains to the red and pink painted world for this one day. It's a day the heart-broken in the world laugh at pictures and stickers of whole hearts thinking how unrealistic they are in life. They don't really exist...a shattered heart is more like it...thousands of pieces lying on the ground.

But even if the appointed day seems pointless, silly and deal because it is there, and you are not afraid to tell people how the holiday to you is like nails on a chalkboard… understandable.

So the thought is.... What if we, for this day took something like Valentine's Day and did something amazing with it, using it as an excuse to love on people...turning it around ...not to expect for ourselves, but to bless others? It's definitely a different way of thinking. When we hurt, we wonder how we could have the strength. The answer is simple...we don't. God is the only one that can give us that strength.

I am honored to be a part of a 5 year ministry outreach, called My Golden Valentine project. The idea was birthed from our sister station, WPFF in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. We took on the idea and through the hands and hearts of our listeners, area businesses and schools, and have turned this holiday around to not be about us. It’s about those who have raised families, taught us values, made an impact and possibly are now alone....the elderly folks of our community.

These are people who are retired and find themselves often times with time, thinking and reflection on their lives and frequently find themselves depressed. For these people home sweet home is certainly a memory not forgotten, but they also need to know they matter, that they still have purpose. Obviously each of us who breathe still has purpose. These folks are someone's children...but most of all God sees them as His children. They do belong. We just want to remind them of this truth. God blindsided us  a couple of years ago with an overflow of blessing...over 10,000 Valentines were brought into our station. So many put their true hearts into each heart handed out. I am overjoyed.

Because of the huge response, we were able to bless folks of the Black Hills Workshop too. The blessing was the same but was extraordinary. These people were so thankful, so gracious, so in need of one's caring thoughts. I heard "I love you" many times and "your the best". They love to be hugged and to be held. They too matter.

I left the workshop in our station vehicle quiet, reflecting...wondering how come I am so blessed? God blessed me in return. They made more of an impact on me than I did on them by just being there. I could re live that moment over and over.

Did you know you can volunteer at the workshop? One particular man in a chair didn't want to let go of my didn’t want me to talk to anyone else but him...two ladies skipped happily down the hall after they got a made them feel beautiful and loved. One man shouted, "I cant wait to show this to my mommy", one man didn’t know how to accept something freely given to him, he was apprehensive, wondering "why is this for me?"

I could tell hundreds of stories all from this one day. We have a mission field right here. This year, when the holiday rolls around, I encourage you to think of what you can do to brighten someones else's day. You will so be blessed back and you will find that the joy you receive back takes place of some of your own hurt… You won’t find yourself again saying "Valentines Shmalentines".

~Jamie Knapp

P.S. Oh...and those shattered heart pieces I was talking about in your own life...Your maker wants to put them back together...He can and will if you let Him.

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