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By supporting this radio station, you make a huge impact in several lives.  Here are some testimonies that we have

received this year we wish to share with you.

Written Testimonies

I just wanted to say to you and all the KSLT team THANK YOU! for always
sending a positive, encouraging and wonderful message to all your listeners
through the music and message that KSLT shares day after day. My husband
is in the military and we got orders to Japan, we have been here in Okinawa
for 3 months  now and it hasn't been  easy having to leave our church family
and friends in Rapid City, however, we know that God has a plan and a purpose
for our family here in Japan and we trust him completely! I wanted KSLT to
know that since we downloaded the KSLT app in our phones we can listen to
you anytime !!! That has made such a big difference for our family, it helps us
feel close to home, it is such a blessing !!! Thank you for your ministry!
You guys are awesome!!!  God bless you all!!!
I’m vacationing in Cancun Mexico and listening to KSLT loud and clear on my
mobile app as the sun rises this morning. Home away from home! -Chris
Its AMAZING that I was able to download your app and listen to GREAT
Christian music. I LOVE IT. Thanks to you all at KSLT. Mrs. A
I had to move from Rapid City to Montana, I can't tell you how happy I am I can
listen to KSLT on the internet, and my cell phone , I think it's what is helping me
to deal with things in my life right now , THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS YOU
ALL ! –Kenneth
Dear KSLT radio, I live in the eastern part of the state of SD, but do get to the
Black Hills for work and vacations. I sure enjoy your radio station and on air hosts.
Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom of God.
I just wanted to thank you so much for helping a mom in need!! The oil change
and rose were such a blessing. Thank you for bringing Hills Alive it’s the highlight
of the year. Bless you E. A.
Thank you KSLT! As a newly divorced single mom (after 24 years together),
I look for blessings during such a difficult time. My oil change was a blessing!
Thank you! C. M.

I want to say thank you to everyone at the radio stations. We listen daily & feel
as if we know many of you. Thank you for the inspiration & great music. Here is
my one time gift for the ministry! May God continue to bless you all! SK New
England, ND P.S. We hear you at 90.9, Dickinson, ND

Dear KSLT, Just wanted to relay a little story to go along with these Valentines.
Hope you don’t mind me sharing. I have been caring for my father six years.
He had a hospital stay in 2008 that when he came home seemed to have
affected his health and mind. Long story short, he was diagnosed went dementia
and eventually with Alzheimer’s. I have worked a full-time job for 40 years, but at
God’s calling, quit my job to care for my father full time. It has not always been an
easy road, but in making the Valentines for KSLT’s project I was truly blessed. My
dad was engaged and working right along side me to make the simple, yet
meaningful cards. We prayed over all the cards. In fact, he said he would go sit on
the street corner and help me give them out! Lol-Such a sweetie. My dad is 91 years
old and rarely knows my name, but through his joy in making these cards with me,
God blessed me with a wonderful gift – time with my dad –as he was before
Alzheimer’s. Just wanted to share. PW   PS. He was very taken with the pattern,
if you deliver to dementia or Alzheimer patients, they might find an interest in
counting the hearts. Also, he said that helping me was the least he could do.
He is happy to be able to stay in his home and have his dog. God is Good!

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