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Unsung Hero - focus on parents

Is Your Mom an Unsung Hero? (Recap)

This Mother’s Day, 107.1 KSLT is celebrating the unsung heroes in our lives: our moms!

We gave away tickets for listeners to see the new For King + Country Lionsgate movie Unsung Hero in theaters.

Our listeners were asked to explain how their mom was an Unsung Hero in their life. Here are some of the responses:

My mother is an angel here on earth.  She puts others before herself, looks for the good in everyone, gives unconditionally, and never wants to be a burden to anyone.  My mother’s love for her family is unconditional.

My mom always did without things so that we had what we needed.  She would just sow holes I. Her clothes so we had shoes, clothes, food, and even so my siblings could participate in sports.  She even would give to others when we didn’t really have it to give.

She has been my rock since I have adopted my son and is always there when I need someone!

She emphasized love for Jesus and for each other.

She always gives and gives, no matter who is in need of attention or any assistance and she always sees the best in people.  She is also a great Christian example! I couldn’t ask for a better Mom!

You never really appreciate your mom until you become one yourself.  She went part time at the church so she could watch my baby girl 2 days a week. She runs the kids ministry at our church and finds time to check in with all the elderly people who are lonely and rarely get visitors.

She is such a Godly example!  I am so blessed to have her as my mom!

I lost my mom when I was 17 and I could say so much about her love for God and for us kids in the years I was raised by her. I don’t know life apart from clinging tightly to God and his strength through the good and the hard. Now I have a mother in law who blesses me richly with her heart for God and for her children/grandchildren. She serves selflessly and loves so hard it hurts. She can’t always control or change the coarse her adult kids are on but her powerful prayers I know our loving Father hear. She doesn’t know how much she means to me but I do hope I’ve done my best to try to show in actions that unsung hero she is to me and others.

She raised three kids with little income. She was and is still our biggest advocate.

My mom was amazing. I have four siblings and she and Dad raised all five of us kids making each one of us feel very special and always having time for each and every one of us. She took care of not only us, but other people’s children if they were in need, ran a business, had a garden, took care of animals, was our church pianist and very involved with our small country church— she just did it all. I never once heard her complain. Even after she was diagnosed with cancer and bravely endured treatments and the sickness that goes with cancer and treatments she never complained and maintained her faith in God. She has been gone for 20 years and I still feel her with us all.

Daily sacrifice without a single complaint and still taught the kids to love Jesus through all things in life!

She helps a bunch of people when they need help.

My mother has selflessly given her time to not only her family but to anyone out there that needs help. When my daughters friend struggled as a single mom, my mom would sneak gift cards to her anonymously to help her get things like groceries, gas and diapers. She reminds me every day what it is like to be loved unconditionally.

She was a dedicated pastors wife and the best mom to us.  People looked to her as an example of how to love, live, and grow in Christ

My mother has always been there to help me out whenever I M in need.  She is hard working and deserves this!!!

Always doing for others, and not expecting much for herself.

Changed her life around to be a good mother to 4 kids and wife to a farmer

Thank you to all of you who told 107.1 KSLT about your Unsung Heroes in your life!